About Us

In 1995, John Draney and Vita Coffey saw an opportunity to create something new: a specialty wine store unlike any store they had stepped in before…a store based on customer wants and needs, rather than the wants and needs of traditional distribution.  In order to do that, they went to Napa Valley, seeking out wineries and wine industry people who could fulfill that dream.  Most of these Napa Valley wineries were small and were not distributed widely.


Fortunately, they found forward-thinking, wine industry leaders willing to create new distribution channels that worked for everyone, including most importantly, you, our customer.  Initially, the focus was on Napa Valley wines because Napa was in the early stages of producing a streak of amazing wines and creating worldwide recognition, focused on quality and authenticity.


John and Vita took that original dream and built deep relationships with both wineries and customers to put Omaha on the map in Napa Valley, as a place where our customers appreciate great wine.  They also brought winery club pricing to our customers with the flexibility of choosing what you want with when you want it without being forever tied to specific annual minimums.


Fast forward to now…my husband, Hasan, and I are still committed to providing you with an amazing selection of wines from around the world with a continued, unique focus on Napa Valley.  We absolutely believe in the original magic that John and Vita created and strongly believe in continuity for you.  That is why John and Vita have entrusted us with this amazing store.  John will continue to be part of Omaha Wine Company well into 2021 to introduce us to both wineries and you, our valued customers.  


At Omaha Wine Company, our mission remains to provide you access to a selection of high quality, difficult-to-find wines from Napa Valley and other places in the world, at the best prices possible.